BANQUET Presentation

The BANQUET Assortment Is Truly Wide
BANQUET presents a comprehensive offer of kitchenware and tableware products. The assortment includes a wide variety of home utensils, as well as products made of glass, ceramics, porcelain, which are designed for the processing of foodstuffs, preparation of meals and beverages, table setting, serving beverages and for the storage of raw foodstuffs and ready-to-eat meals. 
The kitchenware group is represented by items designated for food processing and preparation. You will find various mills, cutting and moulding boards, slicers and cutters, choppers, graters, colanders, kitchen knives, as well as many other kitchenware products. The offer of cookware products is also quite large with individual pots or pot sets, pans, baking pans and different baking moulds. 
Tableware represents another plentiful group of products, whether glass, ceramic, or porcelain. The tableware brings you plates, dinner sets, cups, glasses, tea or coffee pots, oil and vinegar sets, sugar bowls, serving sets and many other tableware items of divergent designs, which are indispensable when serving meals or beverages. The group of other kitchen accessories is no less significant, with jars and containers, bread boxes, food carriers, thermos containers and bottles and thermo pots, bar tools and accessories, or kitchen wire sets, which will help you organize your work in the kitchen and make your life easier.
Long-term experience and more than 15 years on the market are a guarantee that BANQUET products are not only offered in the required quality but also at attractive prices. Moreover, they are delivered in modern and eye-catching packaging, which distinctly differentiates the individual product groups while clearly showing their belonging to the BANQUET brand. Thus, BANQUET products are always easy to find for our customers.

Everyone Can Choose from the Selection of BANQUET Products
Do you need to re-equip your kitchen or dining room or do you just need to buy some new utensils? Do you prefer modern and minimalistic kitchens? Or do you like classic, rustic-style kitchens? At any rate, BANQUET products always have something to offer.
They are made of modern materials, such as silicon, stainless steel, wood, anti-adhesive materials, or plastic with a simple and clean design, and they also offer traditional materials, such as ceramics, glass, porcelain or enamel with numerous colourful décors. As regards baking cookware, you may choose from traditional, as well as ageless materials, such as ceramics or glass. Those who favour state-of-the-art materials will most certainly appreciate stainless steel products with anti-adhesive or ceramic surfaces, or the brand new and affordable silicon products that are available in a range of shapes.
BANQUET products are available in the most commonly demanded sizes, in a wide choice of colours and decoration designs and the assortment is complemented with a number of new items every year. The large variety of the BANQUET assortment, its continuous widening and innovation, the use of different types of materials, shapes and décors mean that everyone can choose from the selection of BANQUET products.


BANQUET Advantages


  • Wide and diversified assortment
  • Comprehensive assortment of kitchenware
  • Products attested by many years of practical use
  • Use of different materials, shapes and décors
  • Traditional and modern design suiting the taste of every customer
  • Attractive prices
  • Modern packaging
  • Background of a strong company with modern operations
  • Storage facilities with the total capacity of 24,000 pallet spaces
  • Large-scale market presence
  • Products sold in more than 20 countries in and outside Europe